Registry Management (RIPE)

IPswiTch Networks Ltd has been a RIPE Local Internet Registry for many years and can offer a safe place to park your RIPE based assets. Essentially we can be your sponsoring LIR, looking after your IP blocks, your Autonomous System objects and all other RIPE database objects including routing policies and reverse DNS to ensure your data is up to date and compliant.

Perhaps you already have some Provider Independant IP assets but you are thinking of moving ISP? Well to facilitate that smooth transition you can transfer the management function to IPswiTch Networks Ltd as step number one. After that you can switch to any ISP. IPswiTch Networks Ltd will help ensure a smooth transition, taking care of the updates and the ongoing RIPE object management. We are your independant advocates and have no conflict of interest.

IPswiTch Networks Ltd can also advise on all aspects of ISP networks, Internet routing, resilient routing strategies and all those technical areas which require specialist knowledge. Our staff are ex ISP designers, having been involved with the design, implementation and support of global Tier 1 ISP networks. Therefore having us in your corner will give you piece of mind, because you will know that you are supported by true time served experts in the field.